Car Buying 101: Selecting the Best Car for a Teenager

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The teenage years are probably the most memorable phase of a person's life. It's that point where everything seems so profound and nothing seems unachievable. It is also the time in which teens are expected to recognize their responsibilities, startthinking and behaving maturely, and turn out to be responsible adults. Teenagers grow curious and create a sense of awareness about almost everything around them. In case you have a teenager in your household, there was possibly a time when your kid had asked you for a car.

Turning 18 years old is one of the main milestones of teenage life mainly because it is the age at which folks can get a driver's license. Though there is nothing inappropriate with letting your young one discover how to drive, your parental instincts may well kick in due to the fact that they face a good deal of hazards on the road. There is no telling when accidents might take place, but at the same time, you realize that you can't treat them like babies forever. So what can you do to protect your kid while they are off driving? Here are a few factors to consider when selecting a car for your teenager.


Obviously, teenagers have very minimal experience when it comes to driving. When acquiring a automobile for a teenager, opt for a automobile that is heavy enough to endure moderate collisions. Think about SUVs, pickups, and midsize sedans. Do some analysis about a certain vehicle's safety ratings before proceeding with the purchase.


Teenagers have a tendency to drive as fast as they can. This means your teenager may demand a flashy sports auto or an elegant convertible that they're able to show off. However, these vehicles can put them at danger mainly because sports cars encourage speeding while open-top convertibles make drivers vulnerable to crash injuries. According to the Department of Transportation, parents ought to pick mid-sized Barrie cars for first-time drivers.

Select Pre-owned Automobiles

Used autos previously carried a stigma of being the most unsafe and unreliable vehicles on the road. Thankfully, recent innovations in automotive technology have made vehicles at used car dealerships in Barrie Ontario more durable thanbefore. Used cars can last another 100,000 miles without suffering from a failure. Moreover, it's easier and less costly for you to install the most recent safety features on old models.

The auto of your choice will serve as your child's protection on the highway. When in the hunt for the safest cars Barrie teenagers can drive, check the vehicle's history and take a look at its accident and maintenance records. Doing so will guarantee your teenaged child's protection on the road.

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Car Buying 101: Selecting the Best Car for a Teenager

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Car Buying 101: Selecting the Best Car for a Teenager

This article was published on 2011/12/22